Tetris Mobile Adds Daily Game Show With Cash Prizes

Tetris Mobile now gives players the chance to win cash prizes if their block-dropping skills are [...]

Tetris Mobile now gives players the chance to win cash prizes if their block-dropping skills are up to the challenge. The game's latest update introduced a feature called "Tetris Primetime" which allows players to compete for winnings from a $5,000 prize pool. That new Tetris experience takes place every night at 7:30 and features commentary from actor Millen Baird as players do their part which essentially turns the Tetris Primetime experience into something like HQ Trivia. Tetris Primetime was joined by other game modes added in the same update that recreate different types of Tetris experiences played either with people you know or a bunch of random opponents.

Playing through the Tetris Primetime experience is free, so any player that's in an eligible country will be able to participate. The way it works is that players have to hop onto the game at 7:30 each night, though that time can differ depending on what time zone you're in. A countdown in the app will let you know when your competition is set to start.

Within Tetris Primetime are different rounds players have to play through where they'll try and hit the target score. Reach the score before the timer runs out and you'll have a chance to earn double points until the time is depleted. If you don't reach the target score, you get "Garbage" on your matrix that you have to clear out, though some nights the Garbage won't be clearable.

To actually win money in Tetris Primetime, you have to do well and meet the requirements of whatever that night's Prize Draws are. Prize Draws task players with either surviving beyond a certain round, getting to the end of the event and being a winner by surviving all the rounds, or reaching a certain position on the leaderboards. The Prize Draws will be announced each night as will that night's prize pool to let players know what they're competing for and what they have to do to win.

Aside from Tetris Primetime, Tetris Mobile players now also have Tetris Royale and Tetris Together to play. The first of those two new modes is a battle royale experience where you play against a bunch of other players while the other is a more personal Tetris experience where you can play with people you know and use voice chat to communicate.

Tetris Mobile's new update with the latest game modes is now available.