The Callisto Protocol Casts Transformers Star Josh Duhamel as Game's Protagonist

The Callisto Protocol has cast Transformers actor Josh Duhamel as the game's protagonist. The Callisto Protocol is one of the most anticipated games of 2022 in part because it's a spiritual successor to Dead Space, the acclaimed horror series created by Glen Schofield who is helming this project as well. Although Dead Space is in the midst of its own imminent resurgence, The Callisto Protocol is on track to beat EA to the punch. The sci-fi horror game will combine survival horror elements with the unknown of space and also place it within the universe of PUBG, believe it or not.

To make it even more enticing, Striking Distance Studios revealed to Game Informer that it has cast Transformers star Josh Duhamel in the lead role for The Callisto Protocol as Jacob Lee. The character is a cargo ship pilot who must battle his way through a space prison on Jupiter's moon, Callisto. Duhamel previously worked with Schofield on Call of Duty: WWII where he played William Pierson, one of the games' supporting characters. It seems Schofield took a liking to him given he promoted Duhamel to be the playable protagonist in The Callisto Protocol. Given Jacob Lee is just an average pilot, he's not meant to be a hardened killer, so he will be forced to learn as he goes and use any tool he can to help him fight against the disgusting creatures surrounding him

Duhamel took to his Instagram story to share the news, stating he's been working on the game for three years and is happy he can finally talk about it. He ended the post by stating the game is "insane". As of right now, we're still waiting to see gameplay for The Callisto Protocol, but it's likely that it will debut at Summer Game Fest on June 9th. The game is still on track to release later this year, but no release date has been announced. Striking Distance has also reassured players that the game will release on last-gen, something that will likely come as a relief for those who haven't been able to snag one of the very limited current-gen consoles.

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