'The Crew 2' Getting Demolition Derby Mode, PvP

Another big update is coming to Ubisoft’s racing fest The Crew 2, and this one’s going to have a bit of destruction going on for it.

The second major update, which will be free for all players, is going to introduce the Demolition Derby. With it, you’ll be able to engage in all-out vehicular mayhem across two different arenas.

“In the Bonneville Salt Flat, players will earn points by crushing their opponents while dodging obstacles like falling elevators, spring-loaded boxing gloves, and other vehicles. The second arena, a new circuit built in the heart of the Tucson aircraft cemetery, will allow players to push their opponents off the track with devastating results. The update will also feature four new demolition derby cars that will be completely destructible, regardless of mode,” the company noted on the Ubisoft Blog page.

But on top of that, the update will also provide a little bit of competitiveness with an all new PvP mode. “Up to eight friends can compete against each other, regardless of level, in a variety of motorsport disciplines across a consistently updated selection of events. Those of you looking for the ultimate competition can enter the in-game PvP leagues to earn exclusive rewards. Lastly, new challenges and in-game activities will be added, including exclusive Drift, Alpha Grand Prix, and Rally Cross challenges.

You can see more of this content in action in the trailer above, which definitely delivers a destructive vibe when it comes to mastering the track.

The update will also include 14 new vehicles, including five custom built with Demolition Derby in mind; as well as 20+ new activities to engage in, including a number of Pro and Off Road Races.

More than likely, we’ll continue to see updates leading into 2019, since there’s a pretty good sized audience enjoying what The Crew 2 has on hand. We’ll keep you informed as any new content gets announced.


The update will drop on December 5, and is sure to keep fans quite content through the holidays.

The Crew 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Be sure to check out our full review!