The Division 2 Gameplay, Release Date Revealed At E3 2018

One of Ubisoft’s bigger titles for E3 2018 is The Division 2, so we figured that it would be [...]

One of Ubisoft's bigger titles for E3 2018 is The Division 2, so we figured that it would be showing up at one of the press conferences this week. But we didn't think it would be Xbox's.

Alas, they surprised us by debuting a new trailer for The Division 2, which is set to take gamers by storm with its urban warfare theme.

The trailer features a quick lowdown of what happens, with Washington D.C. suddenly being overrun by some kind of virus -- something that seems a bit eerie in resemblance to the original game.

But as the world is rebuilding itself with plants growing and people trying to find survival, a dark force suddenly emerges, and the battle for the fate of the city begins.

We then get into some extensive gameplay, which starts in a forest as you begin to do some exploring. You keep in consistent contact with your party as you proceed along. But it isn't too many minutes in before trouble surfaces in the form of rival soldiers, in an open field that features a torn-apart plane in the midst of it all.

You get a good look at the weapons system that's featured within the game through the gameplay, which is pretty sweet, actually. Its combat style is similar to that of the first game, as you use tactical movement to avoid getting hit while, at the same time, targeting opponents with blasts to turn the tide back in your favor. You also get notified of potential targets with your partner through comms, so you can tag them and move forward.

The graphics look really good, utilizing Ubisoft's SnowDrop engine and pushing above what the first game offered. No longer are you running through snow-covered streets. It looks like the team at Massive (along with their supporting developers) have pushed the visual engine to the next level.

There's also a cool interior sequence when you get inside the plane when bullets come flying at you. Your partner suggests you make a run for it and try to take on your adversaries, only to go running into battle as the gameplay sequence ends.

We'll be posting that gameplay footage as soon as it becomes available. But for the time being, you can check out the debut trailer for The Division 2 above and get prepared for the game when it releases March 15, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.