The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discovery Totally Breaks the Game

An Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player has revealed an exploit that totally breaks the game for those patient enough to endure the grind involved. Taking to the game's popular Reddit page, one player pointed out that some fans recently discovered that you can use Hadvar to quickly grind sneak experience. And you can, and this has been a well-known thing since the release of the game. The Reddit poster took this to the extreme though, sneaking and attacking Hadvar so much that they reached level 241 without ever leaving the tutorial dungeon.

Adding to this, the player revealed that once they left the dungeon with level 100 One-Handed and Sneak, it didn't actually help them that much. While they were indeed hard to detect and efficient with one-handed weapons, it doesn't matter for much when you get detected and only have iron weapons against max-level enemies.

"Oh, I died when I tried to leave the tutorial. A lot. Having the 100 One-Handed helped, but having the most basic weapons and armor made some of those enemies VERY risky," said the Reddit poster in the comments. "The convenience of having all the perk points available was quickly outweighed by the challenge of max-level enemies. I was great at sneaking! Everything else... not so much."

According to the Reddit poster, they did this on Xbox, so there were no console commands to speed up the process. As a result, it took a few weeks of playing the game "for an hour or two at a time."

Some people have recently discovered that you can use Hadvar to grind sneak experience, but back in 2016, I took it to the extreme. Level 241 extreme. from skyrim

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