The Last of Us Part 2 Seems Unlikely to Receive DLC

If you have been holding out hope that last year's release of The Last of Us Part II would receive new add-on content at some point in the future, it sounds like you shouldn't be holding your breath. Although it's not impossible for the game to one day get some DLC of some sort, it doesn't sound as though Naughty Dog is looking to support the game in this capacity at the moment.

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, who recently published an extensive new article that detailed current happenings at Naughty Dog and PlayStation, appeared on The MinnMax Show within the past week to talk more about the article in question. At one point in the show, the conversation drifted to what else Naughty Dog might be working on moving forward. Schreier then shared that he thinks the studio was going to pursue DLC content for The Last of Us Part II, but the plan may have fizzled out. "I believe at one point they were thinking about DLC but I don't think that happened," Schreier said. However, he went on to add a caveat saying that he's not absolutely certain about this information. "I don't know, don't hold me to that. They might still do something," he said.

With the original The Last of Us, Naughty Dog ended up creating a story expansion that was called Left Behind. The DLC detailed more of Ellie's backstory prior to the events of the game. It also launched less than a year after the original game released. Given the fact that The Last of Us Part II is nearly a year old at this point and Naughty Dog still hasn't announced any additional DLC, it seems likely that the developer is working on something else instead.

As for what those future projects could be, well, we seem to have a good idea. One of the two that we potentially know about involves Factions, which is the multiplayer element from the original The Last of Us. Although this mode didn't return in the sequel, Naughty Dog has been pretty clear that it evolved into something more expansive that the studio is still developing.

The second game in the works is said to be a remake of the first The Last of Us game. Although this project isn't one that has been revealed by PlayStation, it sounds likely that the publisher will re-release the original title in a new format on PS5 in the future.


So how do you feel about all of this? Do you hope that DLC for The Last of Us Part II will still come about at some point? Or would you like to see Naughty Dog work on something else? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.