Nintendo Fans Think The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time May Be Coming to Switch

Could a re-release or remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time be coming to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite? Well, some Nintendo fans now think it's possible. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 looks poised to release next year at the earliest, but is it possible Nintendo's Zelda plans are much bigger than a sequel to the most recent Zelda game? Well, next year is the series' 35-year anniversary, so if there's a time to make a splash with Zelda, 2021 will be it.

So, why do some Nintendo fans think the classic Zelda game is coming to Switch? Well, the speculation comes on the back of a new trademark Nintendo filed for the game in Australia and Europe. The interesting thing about the trademark is it doesn't appear to be a renewal, but a new trademark. As a result, many have been speculating that this could mean Nintendo has plans for the game. Of course, this could include merchandise or many things not that exciting, but some Nintendo fans have grabbed onto the idea that this could be game related, or more specifically, Nintendo Switch related. Unfortunately, though, this appears to be another example of trademarks being looked into too much.

Next year is the 35-year anniversary of the franchise, so it's reasonable to think Nintendo has big plans for Link and co. beyond Breath of the Wild 2. And with the reports and rumors that many classic 3D Mario games are coming to Switch soon, it's reasonable to think Nintendo may give Zelda the same treatment. But this trademark doesn't really suggest this. This is simply Nintendo maintaining the trademark so no one else scoops it up.

Now, to do this, Nintendo has to prove it's putting the trademark to use, but this is quite easy. Not only does it have platforms where the game is still available to purchase, but when you factor in merchandise, Nintendo is surely using the Ocarina of Time sub-brand quite a bit.

Will we see Nintendo bring the classic Nintendo 64 game back? It's possible, but this trademark doesn't indicate one way or another that this is happening.


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H/T, Reddit.