New Nintendo Trademark May Have Just Leaked the Next Big Switch Game

A new Nintendo trademark has surfaced online and it has possibly leaked the next big Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game. More specifically, Nintendo has applied for a new trademark in both Europe and Australia for "Mario Sports." Unfortunately, the trademark doesn't divulge anything noteworthy -- in fact, it doesn't even mention platforms -- but the filing alone is enough to have Nintendo fans excited.

Of course, this doesn't confirm that anything new is going on with "Mario Sports," but it's what's suggested. And many are excited about the implications of this trademark, but some are also a bit worried. Mario sports games have traditionally been a staple for Nintendo consoles, but they've actually not been very plentiful on Switch. Nintendo released a new Mario Tennis on Switch, but many are waiting for the return of Mario Golf, Mario Super Sluggers, Super Mario Strikers, and more Mario sports spin-off games. However, it looks like Nintendo may be more interested in releasing the sports games as one large collection rather than as more fleshed out individual games.

In 2017, Nintendo released Mario Sports Superstars for the Nintendo 3DS, so it's possible this trademark could hint at a port of this game to Switch. However, given how negatively the 3DS game was received, this seems unlikely. Yet, it looks like Nintendo may take another swing at the idea.

That said, at the moment of publishing, Nintendo has not offered up any comment on the trademark or the speculation surrounding it. And at this point, it's very, very unlikely it will.

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H/T, Go Nintendo.