Upcoming PS5 Game Is Also Coming to Nintendo Switch

An upcoming PS5 game first announced at Sony's big PlayStation 5 reveal event last month is also coming to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. More specifically, developer Neostream has confirmed that its promising game, Little Devil Inside, is simply a timed exclusive for PS5 and PS4. For now, it's unclear how long this timed exclusivity lasts, but we now know the game is also coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and even Xbox One.

Of course, while Little Devil Inside looks quite promising, there's nothing about it that screams "next-gen." In other words, it's not very surprising to hear it can run on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, though, for now, it remains unclear just how well it will run on these underpowered platforms.

As for the game, Neostream pitches it as a 3D action-adventure RPG that throws players into a surreal world to explore, discover, and survive.

"Little Devil Inside is a truly engaging 3D action-adventure RPG game where you are thrown into a surreal but somewhat familiar setting with humans, creatures, and monsters to interact with, learn and hunt - journey, survive and discover the world that exists beyond," reads an official pitch of the game. "This game is not just about killing arch-demons and saving the world. Take in the atmosphere and live a realistic life in an unrealistic world. This is a game that tells stories about people with 'unusual' jobs such as hunting monsters and what happens in their everyday life doing so."

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear when The Little Devil Inside will release, but we do know it's been in development for at least a few years, suggesting a date can't be very far off. That said, when it does release, some players will still need to wait a bit longer to play it on their preferred platforms.


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