The Outer Worlds Is Adding Field of View Settings to Consoles and Other Options

The Outer Worlds is getting another update soon that has its usual selection of bug fixes and changes, but it’s also adding a few welcome settings and options for players to tweak. Some of these are exclusive to consoles like giving players on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the option to set their own field of view while others expand on the previously added text size options to make more things within The Outer Worlds readable.

Obsidian Entertainment shared a list of patch notes within the game’s forums to show what’s happening next week when Patch 1.2 is released. Headlining the list of changes is the option to use the “Large Text Mode” option with Examinables after it was previously added to increase the size of things like conversation text and other subtitles.

Also joining the list of new settings is an option to have controller aiming sensitivity on all platforms as well as another change that lets players control the head bobbing effect that so many find disorienting. There’s also a field of view setting being added to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to let players change that as well.

You can find the full list of patch notes included in next week’s update below.

Top Community Requests

  • Updated the "Large Text Mode" setting to apply to Examinables
  • Added "Chromatic Aberration" setting to all platforms
  • Added "Controller Aiming Sensitivity" setting to all platforms
  • Added "Head Bobbing" setting to all platforms
  • Added "Field of View" setting to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms
  • Fixed weapons unholstering when interacting with the environment
  • Fixed additional cases of companion quests being marked as Botched incorrectly

Additional Changes/Fixes:

  • Fixed audio cutting out when scrolling on the map
  • Added a notification for when companions gain Perks from quests
  • Fixed companions calling the player's attacks ineffective, even if they were dealing appropriate damage
  • Fixed the Prismatic Hammer not benefiting from several melee Skills and Perks
  • Fixed the Prismatic Hammer not benefiting from Critical Hits
  • Increased damage of Handguns
  • Fixed "Pack Mule" Perks not applying while on the Unreliable
  • Fixed Dr. Chartrand attacking the player after she agrees to help them
  • Fixed the "Look Up" and "Look Down" keybindings being swapped
  • Added "Foliage" graphics setting for PC platform
  • Added "Enable Cinematic Kill Camera" setting
  • Updated Vendor UI to show carry weight and encumbrance limit
  • Updated item tooltips to better indicate Pristine items
  • Added item sorting options to the Companion and Workbench screens
  • Added SuperNova survival meters to the Consumables screen

Text size was a problem with the game when it first launched and was mentioned in our review, though the game itself still warranted a perfect score.