The Quarry Multiplayer Available Now Alongside Additional Content

The Quarry's multiplayer mode has officially been released as part of a major new update for the interactive horror game. The Quarry was expected to launch with multiplayer, but it was unfortunately delayed. It was later revealed that the reason for the delay was actually due to the war in Ukraine, as the servers and some of the team working on that mode were located in the country. After sorting out some sudden changes, it appears the mode is ready to go and will hopefully go over without a hitch. Players have had the opportunity to enjoy Supermassive's other recent horror games with multiplayer, but The Quarry is a cut above the rest.

The new update is available now and adds the "Wolf Pack" mode in The Quarry. It's an invite-only mode that allows 7 other players to watch the host play the game and then vote on pivotal choices. Unlike games like Dying Light 2 where the host has final say, majority rules in The Quarry, meaning the host can be outvoted if others don't agree with them. Supermassive has also added all six episodes of the Bizarre Yet Bonafide podcast to the game after previously being available to streaming services. The podcast is an in-universe show that offers additional lore regarding the horrors and story of the game. At the end of the game, an episode of the podcast plays over the credits and recaps all of the evidence the player found in their playthrough and helps connect some of the dots. Finally, Deluxe Edition owners now have access to an 80s-inspired clothing pack that gives the camp counselors new outfits. The pack is also available to purchase for standard edition owners.

As of right now, it's unknown whether there will be any other big content updates for The Quarry. It seems like this is probably the end given Supermassive doesn't have much history of supporting its games with story expansions or anything of that sort. Either way, the multiplayer should be enough to keep players busy for quite a while.

The Quarry is out now on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Will you be dipping into the multiplayer? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.