The Stadiums for League of Legends' Worlds 2017 are Beyond Impressive

Shanghai Oriental Sports Center

The world championships for League of Legends are quickly approaching, and seeing the insane venues that the games will be held in only build up the hype even more for the intense competitions.

Most League of Legends players who follow the professional scene will have no problem naming off the prominent teams that are still in the running for the championship, but the location of the competitions itself isn’t often the first part of the tournament that comes to mind. With the esport growing tremendously over the past couple of years, the prominence of the game and its competitions have reached the point where it’s extremely likely that it’ll sell out an Olympic-sized stadium.

Over on Reddit, League player and Redditor bad_boy_barry brought attention to just how large the venues are when the Worlds matches officially begin in China. With a different venue for the group stage, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals, the stadiums get even more impressive as the competition becomes more intense and teams progress to the finals.

The Redditor started with the first of the four venues, the Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium that’s hosting the group stages, and included a photo from the inside of the arena. Wuhan Gymnasium also hosted the FIBA Asia Championship back in 2011, and even though it’s hosting only the first stage of the Worlds competitions, there should be no issue filling up the venue to cheer on local and foreign teams.

Moving on from the group stages, the quarterfinals and semifinals venues are absolutely stunning, the games being held in the Guangzhou Gymnasium and the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, respectively. The outside of the latter venue can be seen at the top, a 2-billion-yuan sports center that can seat 18,000 attendees in the main indoor stadium area.

Beijing National Stadium

But all these arenas build up to the grand finale, the Beijing National Stadium, an Olympic stadium that housed the 2008 Summer Olympics and will later play home to the 2022 Winter Olympics. Shown directly above, the venue boasted an incredible capacity of 91,000 people during the 2008 Olympics.

The League of Legends world championships will head to China later in the month and through the beginning of November, so expect to see those impressive venues packed around that time.