The Walking Dead: Survivors Game Gets Full Reveal, Opens Pre-Registrations

Skybound and game publisher Elex have officially revealed The Walking Dead: Survivors, a new [...]

Skybound and game publisher Elex have officially revealed The Walking Dead: Survivors, a new mobile game set to release some time during the summer. The game that's based on The Walking Dead's stories told in the comics as opposed to the TV series is a PvP game with tower defense elements that incorporates key characters from the IP's universe into its formula. Pre-registrations for the game have for both the iOS and Android platforms with over 500,000 interested players already registered for the game.

Social media accounts for the game as well as some examples of gameplay have been live for a few months now, but The Walking Dead: Survivors made its official debut this week with the opening of the pre-registration period. If you're interested in it and want to sign up to make sure you're notified as soon as the game's available, you can follow the link below to pre-register yourself.

For those who are familiar with The Walking Dead comics, you'll recognize the versions of the characters used in The Walking Dead: Survivors. The game features and focuses itself around characters called "Survivors" who include everyone from Rick to Maya to Dwight.

These Survivors are divided into the "Combat" and "Development" roles and can be tasked with different objectives to help better fortify players' defenses so that they can withstand attacks from Walkers and other players. As players build up their settlements, they're able to recruit different Survivors to join their cause and bolster their defenses. By securing areas around your camps, you're able to expand your domain.

Aside from the Walkers and other players, antagonists like Negan and his Saviours also play a part in The Walking Dead: Survivors. Players are able to team up with other people as part of the game's clan system and can construct clan buildings throughout territories to better establish settlements.

The Walking Dead: Survivors is now available for pre-registrations on both the iOS and Android platforms and is scheduled to release some time in Summer 2021.