Twitch Ad Seemingly Reveals The Witcher 3 Is Coming to Xbox Game Pass

A Twitch ad may have just spoiled one of the Xbox Game Pass reveals that’s seemingly planned for the big X019 event. An ad which showed up on the streaming service presented a few different games which were already known to be part of the Xbox Game Pass before it ended with The Witcher 3 making an appearance. CD Projekt Red’s hit game is one that most people have played already, but since it’s one people often return to, it’d still be a big win for Xbox Game Pass subscribers assuming it’s really coming to the service.

The ad in question was reportedly seen on Twitch by a Reddit user who shared the video in the Xbox One subreddit. It showed an ad that people probably wouldn’t have looked twice at for the most part if it interrupted one of your Twitch streams, but the appearance of The Witcher at the end was certainly something worth noticing.

The Witcher 3 revealed as coming to Xbox Game Pass via Twitch ad from r/xboxone

Considering the contents of the rest of the ad, it definitely looks like the addition of The Witcher to Xbox Game Pass could be legit. The information presented before the game’s appearance is accurate with The Outer Worlds and Gears 5 both a part of Xbox Game Pass already, though without having seen the Twitch ad personally, this resharing of the ad is all we have to go off of until an official announcement is made.

If that announcement is in on the way, it’s not like we’ll have to wait long to hear it. Xbox’s big X019 event is scheduled to begin on Thursday at 12 p.m. PT, and we already know for sure that Xbox Game Pass announcements will be heard there. The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account teased as much by hinting at reveals without giving much of an indication of what will be announced.


Assuming The Witcher’s Xbox Game Pass release happens this month or next, it’ll be a perfect opportunity to subscribers to experience it for the first time or have a refresher before Netflix’s The Witcher releases in December. The series is based on the books and not the games, but it’s apparently already being well received enough to warrant a renewal for a second season.