The Witcher Fan Art Imagines Mads Mikkelsen as Geralt of Rivia

Henry Cavill has given fans of The Witcher a beloved take on Geralt of Rivia, but what if the [...]

Henry Cavill has given fans of The Witcher a beloved take on Geralt of Rivia, but what if the character had been portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen? 3D artist Wonki Cho shared how the Hannibal actor might look as Geralt, and the images are nothing short of incredible; they really convey a believable take on Mikkelsen in the role! It's a compelling look at what might have been had the Netflix series been cast differently, and fans of the actor and the series will want to check it out for themselves. It just might make some viewers wish that Netflix had gone in a different direction!

An image from the artist can be found in the Reddit post below. Fans of the artist's work can find more at their Artstation page right here.

Mads Mikkelsen as Geralt of Rivia (by Wonki Cho) from r/witcher

Interestingly enough, while Mads Mikkelsen does not appear in The Witcher, the series does feature his brother Lars Mikkelsen! The latter actor portrayed Stregobor in multiple episodes from the show's first season. Lars Mikkelsen has appeared in a number of different roles over the years, and might be familiar to Star Wars fans as the voice of Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels.

Prior to the release of The Witcher's first season, fans across social media expressed an interest in seeing Mads Mikkelsen take on the role of Geralt, and other artists even shared their own takes on the fan casting! Cavill's passion for the franchise and performance in Season One seemed to quickly win over any doubters, however. The Witcher has been a massive success for Netflix, leading to increased interest in the books and video games that inspired it. Given all that success, it seems pretty unlikely that the series lead will be recast anytime soon!

With The Witcher Season 2 currently set to release sometime this year, fans of the show are quite ready to see Henry Cavill return as Geralt. Everyone else will just have to wonder how Mikkelsen might have performed as the character, especially since they now have an idea what he would have looked like!

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