The Witcher's Joey Batey Makes His Own Dungeons & Dragons Monster

The Witcher's Joey Batey recently tried his hand at Dungeons & Dragons monster design and Netflix shared the horrific and hilarious results. Earlier today, Netflix's Twitter account posted a video of Batey, who plays Jaskier on The Witcher, creating a randomly generated Dungeons & Dragons monster. Jaskier rolled a d6 and a series of tables to determine the monster's traits and abilities. After a series of unfortunate rolls, Batey's monster turned out to be a 13-eyed demon with the body of a horse with six arms and four legs. Batey named the creature "Greg the Horse" and gave the poor suffering creature a top hat for good measure.

Netflix also posted some additional stats about Greg, revealing that he has a CR rating of 4 due to his six-punch multiattack. Although each punch only does 1D4 bludgeoning damage (likely because horses aren't natural punchers due to their usual....lack of arms), any creature hit by Greg has to make DC 10 saving throw or become frightened. Netflix declined to say what sort of saving throw Greg's victims would make, but we're guessing that it's a Wisdom saving throw. Interestingly, despite being a demon, Greg the Horse was also listed as a Chaotic Good creature...although alignment doesn't matter too much in D&D nowadays.

Dungeons & Dragons is all the rage in Hollywood these days, with celebrities like Joe Manganiello and Deborah Ann Woll hosting high-profile games and many more celebrities declaring themselves regular players as well. The game has also reached new levels of popularity, with sales remaining strong despite the current COVID-19 crisis, and various streaming platforms picking up D&D adjacent shows. For instance, Amazon Prime recently announced they had picked up a second season of Critical Role's upcoming animated series and NBC adapting The Adventure Zone as an animated series for their Peacock service.


For those looking for a Witcher-esque D&D experience, you can either try out the Blood Hunter class, which Critical Role DM Matthew Mercer developed based on The Witcher and other fantasy series, or try out The Witcher RPG, which was developed by R. Talsorian Games.