'The Witcher' Netflix Series Set Footage Leaks Showing Off Triss Merigold

(Photo: CD Projekt Red)

The Witcher Netflix Series is currently filming in Poland, where the series originated, and where it's one of the most beloved IP of all-time. And as a result, there's a lot of fans watching as the show films, and in some cases, capturing some of the set as its films and takes breaks in-between. And in this wave of new footage popping up on the Internet, is our first look at Anna Shaffer as Triss Merigold, one of Geralt's love interests and one of the more prominent characters in the series.

When Shaffer was casted as Merigold, there was a lot of fans wondering what Netflix would do with Shaffer's hair. Triss is famous for her vibrant red hair, which Shaffer doesn't have. Many speculated that she'd wear a wig or her hair would be died, but it seems Netflix has opted to largely retain Shaffer's natural hair color and its curly style. The new footage reveals there's at least no dramatic hair coloring and no wig, but it looks like there may be a tint of red dye in there. It's hard to tell. To me, it looks chestnut, which is to say mostly brown with a tint of red, but I could be wrong.

Anna Shaffer as Triss spotted in Ogrodzieniec castle - more footage soon from r/netflixwitcher

Hardcore fans of the series have largely been receptive to the look, with many appreciating that Netflix opted to give Shaffer a more chestnut color. As you may know, one of the things Triss is most proud of is her hair, and I'd say this is captured well with Shaffer, who definitely has the best hair on set.

The Witcher Netflix Series is poised to release sometime later this year. At the moment of publishing, Netflix hasn't said much about the TV adaptation, nor has it released a debut trailer yet. However, with filming for the first season winding down that should change soon.

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