ThinkGeek is "Moving In" With GameStop and Everything Must Go

Late last night, ThinkGeek announced that they will be closing down their website on July 2nd and moving the bulk of their business over to parent company GameStop (ThinkGeek's 40 physical stores will remain open for the foreseeable future). To prepare for the move, ThinkGeek is offering 50% off sitewide with the code MOVINGDAY. We highly suggest starting with their bestsellers as they will go fast. Keep in mind that all sales are final. Details about the sale are available in their new FAQ.

As you may have heard, GameStop is in a downward spiral as of late, having failed to sell the company back in January and posting a $673 million loss in 2018. GameStop acquired ThinkGeek back in 2015, and has kept it as a subsidiary during that time. Absorbing ThinkGeek into GameStop makes sense given the fact that there are redundancies in product and occasional discrepancies in price between the two companies, but making the move now seems like an act of desperation.

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For the last two decades, we here at ThinkGeek have had more fun than a barrel of monkeys being the destination retailer for all things geek. In that time, we went from selling a single T-shirt, to running a growing online business that caught the eye of a pretty big company (who then adopted us!), to being a full-fledged retailer with over 40 actual, real-life stores. Today, we’re announcing that we’ll be moving back in with our roommates (ahem, parents) over at GameStop. We know, cohabitating with the ‘rents may not be the coolest thing to announce on social, but there will be some changes and we’re guessing you’ll have questions. Click the link in our bio for all the info. And some things our lawyers made us say!

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As gaming profits dwindle, GameStop appears to be looking to their collectibles business (and related ventures) to stay afloat. When you go into a GameStop these days, you can already feel the shift towards pop culture products, and that will likely increase now that ThinkGeek is fully integrated. Odds are we won't see a CollectiblesStop rebranding just yet, but it's clear that major changes are in the works.

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