TikTok Star Khbay Lame is Seemingly Getting a Fortnite Skin

TikTok star Khaby Lame is the latest "Icon" who appears set to get a Fortnite skin.

Over the years, Fortnite has given players all kinds of skins via crossovers. Usually, these take the form of collabs with major media properties like the recently added Jujutsu Kaisen and WWE crossovers. However, developer Epic Games has also brought in various content creators like Ninja to give them a skin, and it looks like Fortnite might be teasing another entry into the Icon Series. This time around, all signs are pointing to everyone's favorite silent TikTok star Khaby Lame getting his own Fortnite crossover as we head into Chapter 4 Season 4. 

Khaby posted a new video on TikTok today featuring the "I'm in" caption. Fortnite has been using the phrase "Are you in?" to promote the upcoming season, which makes it pretty obvious that this is a tease for the TikTok star to get a Fortnite skin. If that's not enough for you, the story also includes Khaby opening a box that features the Red Crescent Moon emblem Epic has been using to hint toward Season 4. Plus, in the teaser image that Fortnite posted to its own Twitter earlier today, there's a character doing Khaby's famous hand gesture. As you can see, all signs point to Khaby coming to Fortnite very soon.

Of course, it's not too big of a surprise to see Khaby make the jump. While he's not a famous streamer of the game, that's not exactly a requirement for the Icon Series. After all, outside of Ninja, we've also gotten athletes like Patrick Mahomes and musicians like Travis Scott. Plus, Khaby is the most-followed account on TikTok right now. Considering how massive TikTok is, it only makes sense for Epic to want to partner with someone like Khaby to help promote the new season. 

Fortunately, Fortnite fans won't have to wait much longer to see Khaby's skin in the game. Chapter 4 Season 4 kicks off later this week on August 25. The teasers that Fortnite has posted thus far seem to hint toward the season having some kind of heist theme, though the devs haven't officially announced anything just yet. We'll probably get some more specifics in the next few days as Epic continues to ramp up the hype cycle ahead of the new season.