Titanfall 2 Gets Ultimate Edition, Available Now

Hot on the heels of the core game joining the EA Access and Origin Access programs yesterday, [...]


Hot on the heels of the core game joining the EA Access and Origin Access programs yesterday, Titanfall 2 has gotten yet another big release from Electronic Arts – this time, in the form of an Ultimate Edition.

The publisher, alongside the development team at Respawn Entertainment, announced the new packaging of the game today, which provides players with a ton of goodies that will help them get their multiplayer experience off in the right way possible – as well as their single player groove.

The package comes with plenty of goodies. Along with the core game (which includes both single and multiplayer), buyers also get the content of the Digital Deluxe Edition, as well as a "jump start pack" that provides access to all of the pilot classes and Titans within the game, without the need for additional purchase. The package also includes 500 tokens so you can unlock additional loadouts, cosmetics and other gear, along with ten double XP tokens to heighten your experience, and the Underground R-201 Carbine Warpaint.

In case you need a reminder of what was included with the Digital Deluxe Edition, it's quite a bit actually. You get two Prime Titans, Ion and Scorch, along with a special Deluxe Edition Warpaint for six of your Titan robots, a Deluxe Edition Camo for every Titan, Pilot and Weapon in the game, a Deluxe Edition Callsign and special Nose Arts for six select Titans.

All the other content in the game is free as well, thanks to consistent – and no charge – updates from Respawn. This includes the new four-player co-op mode that was recently added to the game, as well as the two new maps, including a favorite from the original Titanfall.

The game will set you back $39.99, which is a pretty good price for an all-in-one edition such as this, and that's across the board, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. So if you haven't jumped into battle yet and don't have access to one of the free editions that were provided earlier this week, this is the next best thing to go after.

Titanfall 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.