Toy Fair: Funko Reveals Better Look at Marvel's Avengers POPs

At Toy Fair 2020 this weekend, Funko had a lot of new products on display for gamers to enjoy, particularly fans of the Pokemon franchise. However, those eagerly anticipating Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers were also in luck, as the company gave attendees a closer look at their take on the six characters players will be able to control in the upcoming game: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, and the Hulk. While the game's major antagonist has yet to be revealed, Funko also gave a glimpse at one of the game's confirmed villains: Taskmaster! With the game pushed back to September, these upcoming Pops should give fans a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come!

Funko Avengers 1
(Photo: Zachary D Roberts)

What's truly impressive about this line is how the figures look different from previous releases of these characters, while still capturing their iconic designs. Fans should take note of Ms. Marvel's included clear base. Funko's previous offering did not include a base, or the foot holes to hold one. While this normally wouldn't be an issue, the previous release was extremely top heavy, making it a bit of a pain for collectors that take their toys out of the box. It looks like the Marvel's Avengers version will be a notable upgrade!

Funko Avengers 2
(Photo: Zachary D Roberts)

Out of all the figures in the line, the one that looks the most different from previous releases is Black Widow. Given that the character will be receiving a plethora of merchandise to coincide with the upcoming movie, that's certainly nice to see for collectors. Of course, Thor is looking a bit more like Odin this time around with that beard.

Funko Avengers 3
(Photo: Zachary D Roberts)

As of this writing, details remain fairly slim surrounding Marvel's Avengers. In the game, the team disbands following a tragedy that the world blames them for. Five years later, super heroes have been outlawed (in a plot point similar to Marvel's Civil War storyline), but the team must reassemble to save the world. Players can do so solo, or team up with other players in online co-op. Similar to Marvel's Spider-Man, it seems the game will receive a plethora of tie-in merchandise, including a SteelBook pre-order bonus, a set of action figures from Hasbro, and more. Details about pre-ordering the Marvel's Avengers Pop figures can be found here.

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