Transformers Games Available For A Great Price On Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Transformers Fall of Cybertron

UPDATE: You can grab the Transformers games for cheap on PlayStation 4 as well. Fall of Cybertron is on sale for $9.99, and so is Transformers Devastation! NOTE: the deals are limited to PlayStation Plus members.

ORIGINAL STORY: In case you missed it, Activision re-released the Xbox 360 classic Transformers: Fall of Cybertron on Xbox One, giving players the opportunity to re-discover this High Moon Studios-produced adventure in a whole new light.

But here’s the problem – when the game was introduced on the market, it was introduced for the full price of $49.99, making it a bigger pill for Transformers fans to swallow. Thankfully, this week, you can get it for a much, much more reasonable price.

That’s because, as part of its forthcoming weekly sale on Xbox One, Microsoft has slashed the price of Fall of Cybertron down to $10 – which makes the investment more than worthwhile. You can pick up the game here, and, if it’s like most Xbox Live sales, you’ve got until the day after Christmas to add it to your library for a discount price.

If that’s not enough to suit your taste in Transformers games, there’s even more good news. The awesome Platinum Games-produced action game Transformers Devastation has also gone down in price, slashed down to $10 as well. That means you can get two ultimate Transformers games for a total of $20. And since you now have the ability to gift games to other users, you can hand these out to your friends and let them have all the transforming fun they can handle!

Again, the sale will be going on through the day after Christmas, around 6 AM EDT, so you may want to get a move on when it comes to getting your Optimus Prime on.


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and Transformers Devastation are also available for PC and PlayStation 4. Those versions aren’t on sale, but that could change a little later this week.

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