New Twisted Metal for PS5 Reportedly Early in Development

A new report has emerged stating that PlayStation is indeed looking to revive its dormant car-combat franchise, Twisted Metal. The series, which first debuted in 1995 on the original PlayStation console, hasn't been heard from since 2012's reboot, Twisted Metal, came to PlayStation 3. However, with a new TV show based on the series now in the works, it seems as though Sony wants to have a new game lined up to launch alongside it. 

News of this all-new Twisted Metal title comes by way of reporter Jeff Grubb. In a new episode of Grubb's video series Grubbsnax on Giant Bomb, it was said that PlayStation is currently in the early stages of working on a new installment in the iconic franchise. Grubb stressed that what he has heard at this new installment seems to suggest that it will take some time until actually releasing, however, which means that we shouldn't expect to see a whole lot of it in the near future. 

Despite reportedly being so early on in development, though, Grubb did say that there could be a chance that Sony announces the game at its forthcoming PlayStation Showcase, which is set to transpire later today. While it's assumed that such an announcement would likely be more of a tease rather than a full-blown reveal featuring new gameplay footage, perhaps there is a chance that Sony could show its hand in the coming hours. 

At this point in time, we have heard multiple reports in recent weeks that Twisted Metal is set to be coming back on PS5 down the road. Other reports have claimed that a release date for this yet-to-be-announced title could be set for 2023, but we'll obviously have to wait to learn more directly from PlayStation. For now, there are far more questions than answers but if a proper reveal does end up transpiring later today, we'll be sure to let you know here on

How do you feel about Twisted Metal potentially making a comeback on PlayStation 5? Would you like to see the long-running franchise make a return after nearly a decade of silence? Share all of your thoughts with me either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.