Twisted Metal: Stephanie Beatriz Reveals Which Scene Sucked the Most to Film (Exclusive)

Twisted Metal star Stephanie Beatriz has revealed which scene was the most difficult to film. 2023 appears to be the year of the gaming adaptation. So far, we've had The Last of Us, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and now we're getting Twisted Metal this week and Gran Turismo in August. There are plenty more coming in the approaching years, but right now, it looks like all eyes are on Twisted Metal. This is an incredibly beloved PlayStation franchise and one that could very easily be done wrong due to its specific tone, larger than life characters, and massive sense of action. However, it seems like Twisted Metal has tried to do the IP as much justice as possible.

When speaking to's Chris Killian, Stephanie Beatriz was asked about all of the challenging scenes she was put in as Quiet from being water boarded, branded, tazed, and much more. Of course, this is all fake and simulated to give an intense, dangerous feeling without actually harming a real human being. Beatriz did reveal what sucked most about these scenes and the answer was pretty simple: it was very hot outside. 

"Anything that we shot that was outside was particularly brutal, only because it was about 104 degrees on average every day in New Orleans," said Beatriz. "So, if you can imagine that costume in 104 degrees... not great! In of itself, that was its own form of torture."

This is a pretty common thing to hear about on these big, elaborate, costumed productions. They spend all day outside, typically in the summer time, in extremely hot cities like New Orleans or Atlanta doing all kinds of elaborate stunts. They're also usually wearing heavy costumes or costumes that are prone to simply absorb heat. Sometimes the stuff on these kinds of productions that would seem the least likely to cause any annoyances are the biggest obstacles to overcome for an actor. 

Twisted Metal will release on Peacock on July 27th. Are you excited for the show? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.

Editor's note: This interview was conducted prior to the SAG actors' strike.