Twitch Is Having a 26-Season 'Doctor Who' Marathon

Twitch is holding a huge Doctor Who marathon soon that’ll feature seven Doctors, 26 seasons, and [...]

Doctor Who
(Photo: Twitch)

Twitch is holding a huge Doctor Who marathon soon that'll feature seven Doctors, 26 seasons, and over 500 episodes.

Starting on May 29, Doctor Who fans can see the show like never before with the help of Twitch chat there to commentate on several weeks' worth of episodes. The marathon will begin on that day at 11 a.m. PDT and will start with the episode "An Unearthly Child," and after seven weeks, it will have covered the story of seven different Doctors and their adventures. You'll be able to watch the stream through the Twitch Presents channel.

"Together we'll make our way through the first seven Doctors spanning 26 seasons," Twitch's announcement said. "Come relive (or experience for the first time ever) the origins of the iconic Daleks, the Cybermen, and the trusty Sonic Screwdriver. New episodes will air every day for eight hours starting at 11AM PDT followed immediately by two eight-hour repeat blocks, so no matter where you live you won't have to miss a beat."

Emotes are as important to Twitch as the streamed content itself, so special Doctor Who emotes will also be added for the duration of the marathon including a Tardis Cheermote. Even if you've seen all of these episodes before, you'll still be treated to some new content during the marathon. With the introduction of each new Doctor, Twitch has partnered with Yogscast to bring viewers seven new episodes that include Doctor Who professionals and fans who will introduce each Doctor and some of what you can look forward to.

A giveaway will also take place that'll award some Doctor Who fans with all kinds of themed loot ranging from a Monopoly set to a grand prize that'll send someone to London.

"We're also giving away Doctor Who fan packs (which include a Tardis money box, a themed Monopoly set, and Doctor Who doormat) and a grand prize trip to London Comic Con. We'll have the Doctor Who Watch to Win Extension active during the stream, so all you have to do to enter is log in to Twitch from a platform that supports the extension, opt-in to the Sweepstakes, and watch at least 10 minutes of Doctor Who within the same calendar day. You can get up to five entries per week. For full details and entry instructions, check out the Official Rules."

The Doctor Who marathon begins on May 29 and will run for the following seven weeks.