Twitch Signs YouTube Fortnite Streamer Nick Eh 30

Streamer and Fortnite player Nicholas "Nick Eh 30" Amyoony has found a new streaming home at Twitch after transitioning away from YouTube, the streamer announced. Amyoony and the Eh Team made the announcement on Thursday with a video that celebrated his arrival on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, and his followers have already started migrating over to Twitch where the streamer will soon go live on September 1st. This deal comes not long after Twitch lost its biggest Fortnite streamer, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, to Microsoft's Mixer.

Amyoony teased the announcement before Thursday and said the morning stream would be one of the biggest of his career. That tease was followed by the video below that showed Amyoony making his dramatic arrival at Twitch along with a link to his new Twitch channel. The official Twitch channel retweeted the same video to broadcast its new partnership to its users.

The second video shared a few hours after the first saw Amyoony thanking everyone involved in the process including Twitch, his followers, and those who have reached out to congratulate him. The tweet indicated that he'd already acquired 130,000 followers on Twitch, and if you check that channel, you'll find that the number has already gone up from there.

Another tweet shared closer to the time of the announcement showed off some of the streamer's new Twitch gear in the wake of the partnership. The Hollywood Reporter said that Twitch will be offering a "loyalty bonus" for anyone who's currently subscribed to the streamer on YouTuber.

While it's unknown how long these types of partnerships have been in the works before they were announced, it's worth noting that Twitch's announcement comes not long after it lost Blevins to Mixer. The fellow Fortnite streamer shared his announcement on August 1st to say that he'd be moving away from Twitch and would be streaming exclusively through Mixer. There's been all kinds of talk since then speculating about how much Blevins might've been paid to make the move, and though some claim to know the answer to that question, an official number hasn't been confirmed yet.


Amyoony's first Twitch stream will air live on September 1st.