Twitch Streamer Claims She Was Banned for Saying There Were Two Genders

After making comments that were regarded as "offensive toward the transgender community," streamer HelenaLive has been permanently banned from Twitch. According to her, it has to do with comments she made about gender.

During a recent YouTube broadcast, which can be seen above, Helena detailed the situation, stating that the comments in question were in regards to her belief that "there are only two genders." This did not go over very well with everyone in the community, which led to Twitch informing Helena that her partnership had been terminated. In the same email, it was noted that this was not the only cause for her account being banned, as the streamer had previously been reported twice "for hateful conduct in the last two months."

"Your recent behaviour has proven your lack of understanding of what hateful speech is and how it may affect your community on your channel," the email continues. "Several of your statements have been found offensive towards the transgender community and we don't tolerate this kind of behaviour."

Helena then mentioned that what she said during the stream was not offensive, but rather in support of the transgender community. "I specifically said, it's OK if a man wants to be a woman, and a woman wants to be a man, you cannot be anything in between," she stated. "I said I supported the transgender community."

In a follow-up email, Twitch claimed that HelenaLive had "been banned several times earlier" while also making note of the fact that her "last chance is already gone." Helena says this is inaccurate, as she has only ever been banned once prior to this incident.

However, the HelenaLive channel on Twitch has since been terminated altogether, which means past streams of games like League of Legends and more are no longer accessible. Helena claims that these would have proved her innocence in the matter and shown that she did not say anything to offend the transgender community.

We've reached out to Twitch for comment, and will update should the company respond.


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