Twitter Removing Blue Checkmarks From Verified Legacy Accounts Very, Very Soon

Twitter has revealed when it will be removing the blue checkmark from verified "legacy accounts". Twitter has gone through some massive sweeping changes since Elon Musk acquired the social media company last year. One of the biggest changes Musk made was a total revamp to Twitter Blue, a subscription service to the app. Twitter Blue now has a bunch of additional features that weren't for premium users before, such as two-factor authentication texts and the blue checkmark. The checkmark used to be something that was given out to eligible applicants (celebrities, journalists, etc.), but now it can be bought for a few bucks. Ever since then, Elon Musk has been saying he will be stripping the checkmark from accounts that had it before his tenure and aren't subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Now, we know exactly when this purge will be happening. Twitter has confirmed it will be removing the blue checkmark from these "legacy accounts" on April 1st. While, yes, this could just be an elaborate April Fool's joke that's being done weeks ahead of time, it seems unlikely. Twitter has been saying this day will happen for a while, but didn't give any specifics until now. Of course, you can sign up for Twitter Blue if you want to keep your checkmark or become part of a verified organization (though that's a whole other process with many layers to it). 

Twitter hasn't really backed down from many of its controversial changes since it became under the ownership of Elon Musk, so it's unlikely this will be reverted so long as he has any kind of power at the company. Although Musk's Twitter was one of chaos at the start, things have quieted down a bit in the last couple of months. Some other new changes that people aren't overly happy with revolve around the paywalling of two-factor authentication, adding unnecessary metrics like showing how many people bookmarked a tweet, and much more.

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