Uncharted Movie Will Reportedly Start Filming in Early 2020

The Uncharted movie that’s seen several different directors take the helm may finally begin filming early next year, a new report suggests. DiscussingFilm claims to be privy to the knowledge that Sony’s Uncharted will begin filming in February 2020. If this start window for filming is accurate, it’ll be the first development on the movie that the public has heard of since it was learned that another director had taken over the film.

DiscussingFilm only said that it had learned about the filming timeframe without any information on who the source may be. The outlet also claimed that the filming will take place in Berlin, Germany. The Uncharted video game series has seen its protagonist Nathan Drake go to different locations all around the world, so perhaps the new Uncharted movie will indeed see the explorer visiting Berlin for a time.

This Uncharted movie is the same one that’s being created by Sony Pictures with Tom Holland on board to play the on-screen portrayal of Nathan Drake. Though there were questions about who would play the protagonist at the start, Holland has been attached to the film throughout its developments unlike several directors who have come and gone.

Shawn Levy was initially helming the movie as the director but was confirmed to have left the role in 2018. Back in August of this year, it was reported that Dan Trachtenberg, the new director who took over, had also left the project. The latest development in the string of directors working on the movie saw Travis Knight of Bumblebee fame take over as the director of Uncharted.


As of June, the movie also has a release date even amid its turbulent changing of directors. Sony Pictures is said to be releasing the movie on December 18, 2020, with this film being the first release under the newly formed PlayStation Productions. The PlayStation Productions team was created in May to look for opportunities where Sony’s video game properties could be adapted into TV series and movies.

Though the Uncharted movie will definitely star Nathan Drake, it’s unclear at this time what the plot of the film will be. It’s been said in the past that the movie would not directly copy the PlayStation games, so viewers can hopefully expect to see an original, unseen story unfold.