Valheim Devs Tease New Mistlands Creature

Valheim's big Mistlands update is still scheduled to release at some point this year, and ahead of its release, we've gotten yet another preview of what's to come. Some of that preview consisted of screenshots showing off different structures left behind by those who once inhabited the Mistlands while another tease hinted at a creature Iron Gate Studio is working on. Mistlands does not yet have a release date, however, so it's unclear when exactly players will be able to see this new creature in full unless it's revealed prior to the update's launch.

While the teases for Valheim's Mistlands update have actually shown off real looks at the critters and gear that'll be added later, this particular tease wasn't one of those times. Iron Gate simply stated that in addition to the rabbit shown off previously around Easter, there's something else in the works, but whatever it is, it's better left a surprise, apparently.

"Don't worry though, the hare will be in the Mistlands all year round, not just during Easter!" Iron Gate said before teasing whatever the next creature is. "Aside from the hare, we've also been working on creating another kind of inhabitants for the Mistlands, though we'd like to keep them a surprise for you for a little longer. What we can say, however, is that we think they'll be something many of you have been curious about!"

Given that it's something that's not being revealed yet and how Iron Gate says it's something players have been asking about, one would assume these "inhabitants" are more fantasy-oriented than a rabbit or another similar animal. Players have cast out their own suggestions as to what this might be, too, with some people guessing that it would be something like dwarves given that the previews of the Mistlands have shown off intricate stone and metal structures. Variants of elves and giant were suggested, too, but there doesn't seem to be one clear consensus among players as to what this might be.

Iron Gate has been pretty liberal with its Mistlands teases in recent months, however, so there's a chance we'll see this new Mistlands inhabitant revealed prior to the update's release. Until then, various looks at the new Mistlands biome and some of the gear it contains will have to suffice.