Valorant Community Code Outlines Guidelines and Punishments

Riot Games’ Valorant shooter is now fully available on the PC, and with it comes a code of conduct for players to abide by so that they’re making sure everyone has a positive experience and nobody needs to get banned. Should that code not be followed, Riot also outlined the possible punishments for players who go against the guidelines. Those punishments can be as small as having your communication privileges revoked so that you can’t talk to others or could be as severe as being banned from not only Valorant but also from Riot Games’ other games out or coming out.

Player behavior was and is a priority in Valorant for a while now, according to the game’s leads after they said as much back in May when the game was in closed beta. Valorant players were already getting banned in bulk during the beta as they had their access to the game taken away either temporarily or entirely, though some players were given an opportunity to redeem themselves with a second chance during the game’s full release.

The code of conduct was always part of those plans for focusing on player behavior, and it’s now out for all players to see.

Reading through the Valorant code of conduct for players, there’s not too much there that’ll be unfamiliar to people who’ve frequently played online games. Be kind to one another, don’t impersonate anyone who works at Riot, and don’t throw games for your teammates are among the guidelines along with the usual rules like not using abusive language or threatening others. In at least one instance, a zero-tolerance policy is in place for players who attempt to dox others.

Should you violate those guidelines, you’ll face a number of consequences, according to the community code. Those potential punishments are outlined below.


Valorant Consequences

  • Loss of the ability to use in-game communication systems.
  • Restrictions or additional requirements to access experiences such as Ranked queues.
  • Restricted access to social systems and features in any of Riot’s games.
  • Removal of content found to be obtained inappropriately.
  • Temporary or indefinite suspension from VALORANT, or all of Riot’s games

While you should avoid violating the rules in the first place if for no other reason than that they’re common sense, getting banned from Riot Games’ future games would be particularly unfortunate. Riot has several games in the works including League of Legends: Wild Rift that some players may not even get to experience depending on how they behave in Valorant.

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