Valorant Points Are Being Refunded With a Bonus

Valorant players who chose to drop some real money on the free-to-play game to purchase some Valorant points will be getting those points back with a bonus once the closed beta ends and the full game launches. A 20% bonus will be applied to all Valorant points which means that you’ll have more to spend in the full game than you did in the beta as a way to recognize the players who spent money in the pre-released game. Riot Games announced this bonus and other details pertaining to the closure of the beta and the release of the full game in an article shared this week.

Riot broke the bad news first in its most recent Valorant post by saying that the closed beta drops are now over. This means that if you’ve already gotten a beta key and accessed the game, you’re free to keep playing until the beta winds down on May 28th at 9 a.m. PT. For those who haven’t gotten into the beta yet, you won’t be able to any longer, but you can always hop into the full game when it releases since it’s free to play.

But for those players who did get into the beta and took their experience a bit further by paying to own Valorant points that they could then spend on cosmetics, Riot said you’ll get those points back and then some.

“So if you bought 1,000 Valorant points, you’ll have 1,200 Valorant points at launch,” Riot said about the bonus. “It doesn’t matter if you spent those points or not.”

This means that if you’ve still got some points hanging around in your Valorant account, feel free to spend them now on some cosmetics before the full game releases since they’ll be refunded anyway. The Valorant store is going down for maintenance soon though, so you won’t have much longer to purchase cosmetics.


The refund is happening because progression isn’t carrying over from the beta to the full game’s release. This includes everything from players’ ranks to the stuff they bought, so you won’t be bringing anything with you to the game’s launch except your knowledge of the game’s maps, mechanics, and characters.

Valorant fully launches on June 2nd, so expect to see your Valorant points refunded with an extra bonus when the game releases.