Valorant Team's Top Priority Is Getting More Players Into Game, New Regions Being Added Soon

The team behind Valorant, Riot Games' tactical shooter, shared an update this week on the status of the game's closed beta, the challenges the developers are facing, and how they plan on moving forward with getting more players in the game. While coronavirus complications have impacted parts of the process, Riot's executive producer for Valorant Anna "SuperCakes" Donlon said the priority for the team is still to get as many players into the closed beta as they possibly can. This means getting more beta keys in players' hands for them to try the game, and for those who haven't had access to the game at all in their regions, it means making the beta available in more areas like Korea, Latin America, and Brazil.

Donlon shared an at-home update on Valorant in a video shared recently by the game's official Twitter account to offer the latest on the closed beta. In the video, she highlighted things like Valorant's anti-cheat measures and other parts of the game as important features to be tested during the closed beta before reassuring players that the priority is getting more people into the game.

"Closed beta is about stress testing all of our systems," Donlon said. "Things like servers, hardware compatibility, anti-cheat technology, game balance. All of these things are so important to tune in before we launch, and nothing, nothing can top the lessons we are learning from watching all of you play. It is also super humbling to see how many more players want to get into the game. So I'm here to assure you that our top priority is getting as many of you around the world into the game as soon as we can."

For three regions that don't have beta access yet, this means that you'll be able to play soon. Latin America, South Korea, and Brazil will all be able to participate in the closed beta for Valorant starting on May 5th. Donlon said Mexico City is currently being impacted by infrastructure delays which means that players there might not get access right away on May 5th, but the goal is to have them in the game soon after. For players in other regions, the Valorant producer acknowledged that waiting isn't ideal but said that the team is working to get them into the game.


Valorant has been getting updates during the closed beta to tweak the game balance and other features referenced above as well as the game's Competitive mode which just went live this week.