Valorant Trailer Shows Off New Agent

Valorant’s newest Agent made an appearance in a trailer for the game released on Friday ahead of Valorant’s full launch next week. The currently unnamed Agent’s time in the trailer was brief and didn’t reveal any indication of what her abilities will be like, but it’s the best look yet we’ve gotten at the character since she was first teased after the beta’s end date and the full game’s release date were both announced. The same trailer also showed off a flurry of highlights for every other Agent, so if you’re just now coming into Valorant or you only played as a few characters, perhaps you’ll see something you like.

Released through the Brazilian social media accounts for Valorant, the flashy gameplay trailer showed clips for each known Agent, all of which were playable during the closed beta. Raze and others were characters players got quite familiar with during the beta, but if you stick around till the end of the trailer, you’ll get the first full look at the Agent that might just be your new main.

With purple eyes and hair and a style that sets her apart from other Agents, the new character appeared during the final moments of the trailer and only stuck around for a few seconds.

Those who’ve been keeping up with Valorant’s teases and announcements as it begins to transition out of beta and into the full game will have already seen hints of this new Agent prior to this trailer. A tweet showed only the foot of the Agent positioned next to all the known characters, and Riot’s Valorant team has spoken about the new Agent briefly. She’s supposed to be a bit “spicy,” Valorant game director Joe Ziegler said, and Riot’s looking forward to see how people react to her.

“But the 11th Agent that people are gonna see on day one is definitely gonna be an interesting one and a little spicy potentially,” Ziegler said previously about the character. “So, we’ll see how people react to it.”

This new Agent will be the 11th one in the game as Ziegler mentioned. There were previously plans for 12 Agents for the game’s launch, but one of them didn’t make the cut.


Another Agent is just part of what Riot said Valorant will feature at launch. A new map is also expected along with a game mode and other features like a battle pass.

Valorant is scheduled to fully launch on PC on June 2nd.

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