Valorant's Ranked Mode Gets Delayed

Update: Ranked mode is now live! Ranked is live!— VALORANT [...]

Update: Ranked mode is now live!

Valorant got a sizable update this week that changed multiple Agents and maps and paved the way for the game's ranked mode, but that more competitive environment has now been delayed. Riot Games announced late on Tuesday that the mode would be delayed a bit longer because of bugs that put the competitive integrity of the mode at risk. The ranked mode is now instead planned to be turned on after the bug is resolved which could take a day or two, but that's only a prediction from Riot at this point while work is done to resolve the bug.

The patch notes for the update released on Tuesday said that the ranked mode would be turned on at some point during the patch but that it wouldn't be live immediately when the update rolled out. The plan then was to have it turned on soon afterwards.

Riot Games fixed a few bugs that slipped through the patch for some people, the developer said, but the latest bug has prevented the ranked mode from being deployed as scheduled.

Changes made to the actual competitive mode itself weren't as plentiful as notes for other parts of the game. From the closed beta to now, the most notable difference changed how skill levels in matchmaking are determined when playing with friends in the ranked mode.

The notes pertaining to the competitive mode found in the patch rundown can be seen below.

Competitive Mode Update

  • Updated rank iconography.
  • New name for top rank: Radiant
  • Expanded skill disparity range for playing with friends in rank placements

Riot Games has not yet announced a definite release date for the game's ranked mode since the bug is still being worked on. The next update shared on the mode should say whether it's being released as planned or if more time will be needed to resolve the issue that caused the delay.