Vampyr Gets a Surprise PS5, Xbox Series X|S Update During Big Sale

If you've never played Vampyr before or you want to play through the game again in a different way, now's one of the best times to do so. That's because Dontnod Entertainment announced this week that Vampyr has surprisingly gotten an update to perform better on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S consoles. Better graphics are the highlight of the update, according to the details shared by the developer, and the patch is ready now across all of the new platforms. On top of that, the game itself is currently on sale at a pretty hefty discount available across almost all of the platforms the game's playable on.

Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive announced the plans for the next-gen (or current-gen, by now) update on the game's social accounts this week. Unlike most games which have their performance updates for newer consoles teased before they're released, nothing was said about Vampyr's beforehand which indeed made it a surprise for those who own the game.

Like most other upgrades, this one is free if you already owned Vampyr. It also improves the graphics on the PlayStation 4 Pro in addition to the newer consoles. A trailer for the upgrade and more details about how different consoles would perform was shared alongside the announcement of the update.

"With the free upgrade, players will be able to enjoy the game in glorious 60FPS and 1440p on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X," the creators said. "1440p will also be available on PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox Series S."

If you don't have Vampyr and are now more interested in trying it out on one of the newer consoles, you're in luck. That's because the game is on sale in both the PlayStation and Xbox marketplaces. It's available for $9.99 through each platform's store, and if that sounds like a pretty low price, that's because it most certainly is. It's a discount of $30 considering how the game typically costs $39.99 which makes for a pretty good deal. The game's also listed at that same price on Steam right now even though that version didn't get a performance update. The Nintendo Switch version is the only one that's not on sale.