New 'Wild Assent' Board Game is Basically the Bloody Pokemon Game We've Always Wanted

Lazy Squire Games has announced a new board game called Wild Assent, which sounds a lot like [...]

Lazy Squire Games has announced a new board game called Wild Assent, which sounds a lot like getting to live out a real Pokemon battle to the death.

Wild Assent is a new miniatures board game for 1-4 players set in a brutal fantasy world dominated by massive gladiatorial complexes known as the Silvestrem. Players take on the role of the Assent, one of the few people who can actually command and control monstrous wild beasts that populate the world. The game has two modes - an Arena mode in which two or four players battle with their monsters to the death, or a Hunt mode in which players attempt to kill and capture dangerous creatures in the Wilds.

One of the things that attracted me to Wild Assent (besides the gorgeous looking miniatures) are the customizable characters that players control. Players can swap out abilities before each battle, giving the game an extra level of strategy and replayability. I also loved the idea of players having their character in the arena along with their monsters. Not only are your monsters in charge of taking out opposing teams, they also need to keep you alive from attacks by opposing monsters.

So basically, you build a team of magical and fierce monsters and pit them against other trainers in a big sports arena. It's just like a Pokemon battle where that beam of highly destructive energy actually kills people instead of slightly toasting their faces in a comical fashion.

The Arena mode also has some extra wrinkles in the form of Vareclea, the owner of the Silvestrem. Vareclea makes edicts and imposes various events throughout the battle, which players also have to react to if they want to survive.

Lazy Squire Games is a relatively new board game publisher, and they plan to run a crowdfunding campaign for Wild Assent in October of this year. Lazy Squire previously ran a Kickstarter campaign for their game Partition, but they cancelled the campaign when it looked like the game wouldn't receive funding. Wild Assent looks like a totally different beast of a game, and with those high quality miniature sculpts, we're guessing that the next Kickstarter will go a lot more smoothly.

Check out the trailer for Wild Assent up above, and keep an eye on Kickstarter for when the campaign launches!