This Witcher Cosplay Is Just About Perfect

Sure, Netflix's The Witcher is great and all, and it's proven to be mighty popular for the streaming service, but CD Projekt Red's own series of video games has been around for longer, and provides a nice visual baseline for all of the characters. There's probably going to be a good amount of cosplay based on the show in the near future, but when it comes to extraordinary cosplay -- as featured below -- the video games still take the cake.

More specifically, the cosplay below features Maul Cosplay as Geralt of Rivia and Ilona Bugaeva as Ciri as they appear in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The photo of the two of them together, with Maul Cosplay standing above Bugaeva, almost looks like some kind of figure photo or even perhaps a cinematic still.

If you're interested, you can check out more of Maul Cosplay's, well, cosplay, right here, and Bugaeva can be found right here.

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It’s Geralt time! Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to have a photo shoot with the amazingly beautiful @sladkoslava from Russia as Ciri. I follow her for a long time now and I always wanted to have a picture with her. This week she travelled to Germany and so it happened. She is a veeery nice and cute person and in real life she looks as good as in her pictures. ☺️ Tomorrow is her birthday so please send her some love. Fantastic picture of course by the one and only @eosandy_ #geraltofrivia #geraltcosplay #yennefer #triss #fotoshoot #photoshoot #witcher3 #cosplayer #cosplay #malecosplayer #badass #wildhunt #ciri #gaming #xbox #playstation #cdprojektred #cdrp #crueltyfree #witchernetflix #netflix #maulcosplay #henrycavill

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -- on which this cosplay is clearly based -- is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The first eight-episode season of Netflix's The Witcher is available to stream on the platform now. It has already been renewed for a second season. Lauren S. Hissrich serves as showrunner. It stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, Anya Chalotra as Yennefer, and Freya Allan as Ciri. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the latest and greatest adaptation right here.