New Wolverine Comic Has a Fortnite Crossover

The release of Wolverine #5 this week treated readers to one of the first references to Fortnite in Marvel’s comics now that the battle royale game officially exists within continuity of the comics. The crossover between Marvel and Fortnite took place at the very end of the issue and is connected to other comics outside of Wolverine, so it’d be an easy one to miss if you weren’t caught up on what’s been going on in the game during Season 4.

Marvel’s Fortnite reference in Wolverine #5 comes at the end of the comic after the “Coming Soon” page advertised what’s on the horizon for the rest of the month. The darkness is suddenly pierced by the rainbow colors of the Bifrost as Wolverine protests and says he’s got stuff to do. A voice replies to him that his concerns don’t matter and that he’s needed elsewhere, and while we can’t see who’s talking, the use of the Bifrost suggests Wolverine’s being summoned by Thor and Sif. He appears to be brought back not long after he was pulled away.

Wolverine Comic
(Photo: Marvel)

As for the location Wolverine was zoomed away to, it makes more sense if you’ve read Fortnite X Marvel – Nexus War: Thor #1. In that comic from Donny Cates, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Frand D’Armata, you’ll see Thor take a detour from his adventures alongside Galactus to pay a visit to the world of Fortnite. More specifically, he lands on the island where the game is set and sees a ton of popular Fortnite characters like Peely and others.

After brawling with them for a while, he sends out a message to Sif to call for aid. The result is the summoning of some of the most popular Marvel heroes around through use of the Bifrost which leads us to the crossover below that comes from the final page in the Marvel X Fortnite comic.

Marvel Fortnite Nexus War
(Photo: Marvel)

It doesn’t take long for those events to transpire in the Wolverine comic, but Fortnite players will have the entire season to take advantage of the Marvel crossovers. Players are still working their way towards the Wolverine skin that can only be unlocked by completing challenges, so it will still be a while before we see players running around as Wolverine in-game.

Cates, the writer for the Fortnite X Marvel – Nexus War: Thor #1 comic referenced above, recently defended the crossover between the two properties. We’ve seen Marvel come to Fortnite several times before, but seeing Fortnite come to Marvel is new to readers.