Today's Wordle Is Another Heartbreaker

Today's Wordle is another rough one, as evidenced by the dreaded "Wordle 270 X" trending on Twitter. Just days after a tough Wordle puzzle broke a number of streaks, the New York Times' popular word puzzle provided fans with another stumper of a puzzle. Like the previous tough puzzle, today's Wordle puzzle features a word that ends with a relatively common series of letters, leaving players with just a handful of chances to figure out the correct solution. In the case of Wordle 270, even if players correctly guess the final four letters of the puzzle, there are a total of 12 possible English language words that fit the clues, with 7 "commonly" used words that should appear in most people's vernaculars. Basically, even if players correctly guess the last four letters of the puzzle on the very first try, they only have a 50% chance of getting today's puzzle correct. 

Wordle's answers are generated via an algorithm, so it's not like a New York Times' editor is deliberately choosing tricky words. However, players have typically struggled with a few different kinds of words. Words that have multiples of the same letter (Like "Loose" or "Seize") tend to trip players up, as do words that share common word endings, such as those that end with "ight" or "ower." When the latter hits Wordle, it basically becomes a guessing game, which can be massively frustrating to anyone who prides themselves in having some skill at the game. 

At the game's peak, Wordle had over 2 million active players. That figure has likely fluctuated since its purchase by the New York Times, especially as the game encourages players to build a streak of successful solutions. Once a player breaks their streak, they could drop the game entirely or at least stop playing it daily, which means that streak-breakers such as today's puzzle could be disastrous to the game's long run.

Today's Wordle might be a tough one, but keep in mind that many players are in the same boat as you. Let us know in the comments if you solved today's Wordle puzzle!