Worms Armageddon Gets an Update 21 Years After Its Original Release

Team 17 has surprised fans with the release of a brand-new update for Worms Armageddon, more than 21 years after its initial release! The Steam version is getting a number of new additions as part of patch 3.8, including several new language options, windowed mode, updated animations, the ability to watch two CPU opponents battle it out, and more. Most significantly, the game will include several extended scheme options. Last but not least, Worms Armageddon will also offer new options to make life easier for those that want to stream the game. Further details can be found in the link in the Tweet below.

The news will likely prove exciting for old-school fans of the Worms franchise. Earlier this month, Team 17 announced Worms Rumble, a battle royale take on the series. Rumble won't officially release until later this year, but many fans are already disappointed with the game's choice to ditch the turn-based battles that Worms games have long been known for. This new update for Worms Armageddon shows that Team 17 is still committed to offering fans the best of both worlds, and the Tweet announcing the update makes that clear right at the start. It seems that there will be room for both genres, moving forward!

While video game updates are insanely common these days, it's quite strange to see a publisher adding some polish to a game that's been available for more than two decades. Still, the fact that Team 17 was willing to do so says a lot about how the game continues to perform after all these years. If Worms Armageddon weren't performing well on Steam, it seems pretty unlikely that Team 17 would bother with this latest patch. The game clearly has legs, despite the fact that its characters do not!

Worms Armageddon's 3.8 patch is currently available on Steam. Worms Rumble will release later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.


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