WWE’s Xavier Woods Runs Wild With Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta

This past weekend saw a pretty fantastic open beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ, and even though [...]

This past weekend saw a pretty fantastic open beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ, and even though Bandai Namco didn't extend it as expected, fans still had a great time beating each other senseless in the forthcoming fighting game.

Among the fans that enjoyed it was Austin Creed, also known as Xavier Woods, part of The New Day stable in World Wrestling Entertainment. He hosts a game channel called UpUpDownDown, which has been thriving for quite some time, thanks to involvement by Creed and other wrestlers in WWE. And his latest video is a must-watch for those of you that want to see him in action in FighterZ.

Creed hosted a nearly two hour long video featuring him running through the basics in the game, and occasionally facing off against opponents (even those without a strong Internet connection), showing off what he can do in the game. He even summons Shenron at one point, so you can see what options are available when you call upon the mighty dragon, giving yourself a boost or possibly doing even more damage to your foes.

Creed's videos are always fun to watch, mainly because he brings so much energy to each video he does (even if he's under the weather, as he appears to be in the video). And he brings a great deal of insight to Dragon Ball FighterZ, such as his dislike for Beerus, since he's overpowered and all.

We've included the video above, and though it starts at a certain point, you should watch it in its entirety for two reasons. Number one, hearing Creed's input is a lot of fun, as he brings a ton of fighting expertise to the table. Number two, you really get an idea of just how expansive the cast of Dragon Ball FighterZ is, and what they'll be capable of. Consider it a primer for what's to come in the final game when it releases in just a few weeks. Man, we cannot frickin' wait.

Dragon Ball FighterZ arrives on January 26th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. There's talk that it could be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but it hasn't been confirmed yet. Fingers crossed.