Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Has Played Elden Ring "Quite a Bit"

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has played FromSoftware’s Elden Ring. In fact, he’s played “quite a big” of the new game, and while he isn’t able to say much yet on what developer Hidetaka Miyazaki and renowned fantasy creator George R. R. Martin have created together, he did have some praises for the scope of what he’s seen so far. Even if he couldn’t say anything about the game, the fact that someone’s played it and can vouch for its existence will be plenty enough news for those looking forward to it.

Spencer shared his latest comments on Elden Ring during an interview with GameSpot where he discussed the next-gen Xbox Series X and Series S, Halo Infinite, and more. Speaking about the Xbox presence in Japan and the Xbox team’s relationship with Japanese developers, Spencer referenced some games that have made appearances on Xbox stages during the runup to the new console launches. One of those games was Elden Ring, and when pressed for more info, Spencer said that he’s both seen and played quite a bit of the game.

“I've seen actually quite a bit,” Spencer said. “I've played quite a bit.”

Spencer continued to offer what little more he could say about the game. He said this new Elden Ring project is in his opinion the most ambitious game Miyazaki has made.

“As somebody who's played all of Miyazaki's games over at least the last decade, this is clearly the most ambitious game that he's done," he said. "I mean, I love his games, but seeing some of the gameplay mechanics stuff that he's tackling, he and the team are tackling this time, of the setting, working with another creator in terms of story. I love it.”

For those familiar with Miyazaki’s history as a game director, you’ll know that’s no small claim to make. The acclaimed creator is responsible for the creation of several Armored Core games as well as the creator of Demon’s Souls and later the Dark Souls games. He served as the director for all Souls games save for Dark Souls 2 where he was a supervisor instead, and he was also the director on Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


It’s reassurances like this that keep Elden Ring hopefuls going during a time when we’ve gotten little in the way of official correspondence on the game. FromSoftware tweeted about Elden Ring not long ago to thank people for their support which let people know the game was still alive, but Spencer’s comments are even more promising.

Elden Ring does not currently have a release date.