Xbox Boss Provides Vague Comment About Xbox Exclusives Coming to Nintendo Switch

One of the most interesting stories to come out of this console generation has been the relationship between Nintendo and Xbox. The two companies have formed a unique working relationship, and fans of both companies have reaped the benefits. From cross-play between games like Minecraft and Rocket League, to titles like Cuphead appearing on Switch, to Banjo and Kazooie appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it's hard to not see how close the two have become. In an interview with IGN, Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked about the future of Xbox games appearing on Nintendo Switch, and whether or not fans should expect more.

"I will say the individual IP by IP to different platforms, I can see it can get kind of confusing to customers over time. We’ve been learning. Some of these have been some of our development partners that have wanted to go do this, and we want to support the desires of our creative talent, so some of this has been partner led," Spencer said to IGN. "Right now it seems like when any game comes out, it’s ‘Is this one going here? Is this one going there?’ And I’d rather be able to set more of an Xbox-level expectation for our fans on where things are gonna go."

It's interesting to hear that some of Microsoft's partners were the ones pushing for their games to appear on Switch, but the fact that Microsoft has been so open to the idea says a lot about how they listen to their talent. While this bodes well for more Microsoft games appearing on Switch, Spencer was quick to note that it has caused some irritation.

"I definitely have a ton of respect for the role Nintendo plays, and I love having great games on their platform. But I don’t really love this idea that for every one of our games, there becomes this little rumor on is it going to end up on the Switch or not, and I feel we should set a better expectation with our fans than that.”


Of course, Spencer probably isn't the only one feeling some irritation with constantly hearing people asking for Switch ports. Given the handheld hybrid's popularity, it seems that fans are constantly asking developers and publishers about the feasibility of Switch versions of their games. With Microsoft focusing on building their own brand across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, Switch owners should be happy with what they get from Microsoft.

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