Xbox Game Pass Seemingly Teases Disney+ Promotion

It appears that Xbox is teasing some kind of promotion between Xbox Game Pass and the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. In a cryptic Tweet, the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account shared an image from the series, featuring the two main characters, alongside a playful hint that it isn't being shared for no reason. Naturally, this has already kicked off some major speculation in the comments, with many wondering what it could mean! The most logical conclusion is that Game Pass members might receive some kind of free Disney+ trial lasting through the end of The Mandalorian's current season, but it remains to be seen!

The Tweet from the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account can be found embedded below.

Xbox Game Pass is getting a big push from Microsoft in the upcoming console generation. The subscription service offers users access to more than 100 games per month, including Xbox Game Studios titles on release day. If subscribers are offered the chance to bundle that with Disney+, or if there's some kind of promotion for a few free months of the service, that deal might end up looking even more appealing!

There's definitely precedent for this sort of thing. Earlier this year, Microsoft and EA announced a partnership in which Game Pass subscribers will receive access to the EA Play library. That partnership will kick-off on November 10th, just in time for the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

There's also the chance that some kind of Star Wars game is being promoted for Game Pass. There hasn't been a game based on The Mandalorian just yet, but content based on the series has been added to games like Star Wars: Squadrons. It seems a bit unlikely that Xbox would use an image from the show to promote the game's addition to Game Pass, however.


Regardless of what gets revealed, it seems likely that an announcement should be made soon. For now, Star Wars fans and Xbox fans will simply have to wait and see what gets announced!

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