Xbox Boss Says Game Pass Is an Opportunity for Single-player Games

Xbox head Phil Spencer says that the Xbox Game Pass subscription feature could open the door for more creative opportunities, especially those that are single-player experiences.

The Xbox Game Pass service allows players to take advantage of new games every month as more are added to the subscription's catalog. While many Xbox One owners were already taking part in the service to gain access to a bunch of games that they otherwise might not have ever tried out, Xbox has done them one better by making a huge announcement recently that every single exclusive game that comes to the Xbox One in the future will be added to the Xbox Game Pass list on the day that they're launched. This means that each Forza, Halo, and Gears of War game that Xbox releases in the future will be playable for Xbox Game Pass subscribers from day one.

This news has brought the Xbox Game Pass feature back into the news once again with new questions emerging from players about the feature and what it might mean for the future of Xbox. Phil Spencer fielded some of these questions on Twitter, one of which included his answer about the potential for single-player games that the Xbox Game Pass service holds.

Spencer also noted that while the main draw of Xbox Game Pass at the moment is to include first-party games in the service, incorporating works from other studios is something that they hope to consider later on.

Sea of Thieves will be the first new release that players will get through the Xbox Game Pass service, but expect to see more as new releases are unveiled.