Xbox Game Pass Leak May Have Just Revealed a Big New Game

A new leak may have just revealed a big new game coming to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Tomorrow, Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate are set to get a few new games, including Grand Theft Auto V. What's not included within this set of games is the recent remake of Destroy All Humans, which boasts the same name, but modern graphics and updated controls. However, it looks like Microsoft will be adding the 2020 remake sooner rather than later.

Taking to Twitter, Xbox user Neptune Pirate revealed a screenshot showing Destroy All Humans under the Game Pass deals section. Of course, the problem with this is the game isn't available via Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate, so it's unclear why it's here. The only explanation is that this is a mistake or a leak of what's coming soon.

Interestingly, de Blob 2 is also in this section despite not being available via the subscription service. This could be proof that this is just a mistake or an indication that it's also coming to the Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate libraries soon.

For now, take all of this with a grain of salt, including not just the possible leak, but the speculation it has created. Of course, Xbox could put an end to all of this speculation with a comment, but so far it has not done this. If this changes, we will update the story with said comment.

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