Xbox Live Has Been A Hot Mess Lately

Xbox Live has been a dumpster truck on fire lately. Four hours ago, the poor, official Xbox [...]

Xbox Live has been a dumpster truck on fire lately. Four hours ago, the poor, official Xbox Support account tweeted out that Xbox Live parties we're having some issues. A hour later, it tweeted out that these problems had been fixed. And then three hours later, it tweeted out the problem was back. That's not just twice in one day, but twice in a few hours, and it's emblematic of the hot mess Xbox Live has been lately. It's unclear what the heck is going on over there, but one thing is crystal clear: Xbox gamers are starting to get fed up.

The mess began in early August, where over the course of two days many Xbox players reported issues of being able to access the games and entertainment they purchased. This issue started August 6 and carried into August 7. And then what happened on August 7? Xbox Live went down.

For awhile, things went well. But then on August 28, the service went down again. After this was resolved, party chat almost immediately went down. The next day the TV on Demand services ran into issues. The same day, the store went down in Asia. And then the next day, August 30, the whole thing was down again. This was fixed in a few hours, but then many users began to report they couldn't update their console.

Fast-forward a bit to September 6, Xbox Live went down again. This carried into September 7. Then on September 11, party chat ran into another wall. This was followed by issues accessing the store yesterday. And then today, party chat ran into problems, twice in four hours.

During this entire time, the PlayStation Network was problem free. And if you're getting outperformed by PSN, you know you have an issue, because PSN isn't great. That said, it's been much more stable than Xbox Live recently. Anyway, as you'd expect, Xbox gamers haven't been happy:

With the holiday season around the corner, it will be vital for Microsoft to nip this in the butt sooner rather than later. So far, it's been lucky there haven't been many big releases during these issues. That won't be the case going forward.