Xbox Reportedly Releasing New Streaming Hardware, Apps Within the Year

Microsoft has long been a proponent of people being able to play Xbox and Windows PC games through a variety of means including ones that don't even require an Xbox at all, and at some point within the next year, it looks as though we may see that initiative expanded further. New reports have suggested that Microsoft may be looking to release both a standalone streaming device that'll allow people to play its games via the Xbox Cloud Gaming service as well as a Samsung app that'll function the same way for the tech company's smart TVs.

The latest reports about Microsoft's potential streaming solutions for its Xbox and PC games come from VentureBeat which cited sources familiar with Microsoft's plans. In the report, it was stated that the streaming device Microsoft is planning on putting out will look either like one of Amazon's Fire Stick products or may be puck-shaped like the Roku boxes that allow people to use Roku's services on whatever smart TV they have.

In addition to that, we'll apparently also be seeing a Samsung smart TV app to fulfill a similar purpose. VentureBeat said Microsoft and Samsung are "working closely" with one another to create an app that'll allow people to stream Xbox games directly to the Samsung smart TVs. Both this app and the streaming stick are supposedly going to be out within the next 12 months, the report said, but a more specific timeframe for their releases wasn't offered.

Through these devices, users would in theory be able to play games in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library similar to how they can now through the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. While the ability to do so is already present for those who've used the cloud program before, these additional products would allow for more plug-and-play options without needing a dedicated console or PC.

If these products do indeed release in the next year or so, they'll continue the trend of Microsoft looking to offer its games in services in non-traditional means outside of the conventional hardware options. We've seen more of that just this week when Microsoft announced that Fortnite could be played for free once more on Android and iOS devices by using Xbox Cloud Gaming.


Microsoft has already announced the joint gaming event between Xbox and Bethesda set to take place soon, so perhaps we'll learn more about these Xbox Cloud Gaming plans there