Xbox Live Games With Gold Makes Two New Games Free for Limited Time

Microsoft, via Xbox Live Games With Gold, has made two new games free for all Xbox Live Gold [...]

Microsoft, via Xbox Live Games With Gold, has made two new games free for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. Unfortunately, neither game is a next-gen Xbox Series game, and only one is an Xbox One game, with the other actually being an Xbox 360 game. That said, through the power of backward compatibility, both games are not only playable on Xbox One, but Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as well.

The first of these two games is Bleed 2, a self-described fast-paced arcade action game from independent developer Ian Campbell that hit back in 2017 and normally runs at $10. For Xbox Games With Gold subscribers, Bleed 2 is available to download, for free, until January 15. After this, it will return to its normal price point.

Below, you can read more about the game -- courtesy of an official pitch straight from the developer -- as well as check out an official trailer.

Bleed 2: "A furiously fun and fast-paced arcade action game, Bleed 2 welcomes back Wryn, the world's greatest – and only remaining – hero, as she fights to defend the globe from an invading force of villains. Master the art of air-dodging and bullet-reflecting to stylishly take down a relentless barrage of bad guys and bosses, and make sure Wryn lives up to her title as the Greatest Hero of All Time!"

The other new freebie comes the way of 2012 and Double Fine Productions, makers of titles like Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, and some of the greatest adventure games of all time. It also runs at $10, but is only available until December 31.

Stacking: "From Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions, explore a vintage world inhabited by living Russian stacking dolls as you jump into more than 100 unique dolls and use their special abilities to solve a wide variety of puzzles & challenges. Play as Charlie Blackmore, the world's tiniest Russian stacking doll, and embark on an adventure to rescue Charlie's family from the nefarious industrialist known only as the 'Baron'."

As always, once you download both games, they are yours to keep and play forever as long as you maintain an active Xbox Live Gold subscription with the account you downloaded them with. If this subscription lapses, you will access to all games download courtesy of it until you subscribe back up.

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